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Welcome to Wiki-wordmark!

All your ideas, characters and stories can be published here with minimal restrictions!!!

Size Difference Fanon Wiki is a wiki that specializes in size difference: original characters, stories and ideas.

We got 10 articles and 57 images; and remember: you too can edit!!!.

Basic rules

  • This wiki allows giantesses (GTS), giant men (GT), shrunken men (SM) and shrunken women (SW).
    • Thus, your character must have its corresponding category: Giantess, Giant, Shrunken man and Shrunken woman.
  • This wiki is for ORIGINAL CONCEPTS and ORIGINAL CHARACTERS only. This means that fan characters from existing media or characters that borrow a show's art style are not allowed. The main rule is that your story and/or character needs to be entirely yours, but we know none of you are going to listen to these rules and do what you want, anyway, and that's exactly why you can't have nice things. So is life.
  • Please refrain from uploading recolors and traced pictures.
  • We know that most of Size Difference fans are fetishists. Please, avoid uploading pornographic material here.
    • You can express your erotic ideas, but you will have to be very discreet, serious and modest (ie, be as implicit as possible).
  • More importantly, don't forget to have fun and get busy!

Latest activity

Other related wikis

Wiki logo English 2

This is the main wiki, its articles are about various topics (quality articles are warranted). Only GTS!!!


This is a complement of Giantess Wiki (a main wiki) and its partners, but its articles are sorted by characters (quality articles are not warranted).

New images

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